04-08-18 @North Heartland: "An Upside-Down Community"

Good morning dear family and friends of North Heartland,

What a great service we had last Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and also launching the final installment of our This Is Jesus mega-series! Outstanding music, drama and (for me, at least) a new way of thinking about the events of that first Easter Sunday - in flashback! If you missed the service, the message is here.

I became a Christian when I was 15 years old (yes, that was a long, long time ago!) but not until recently has it become clear to me exactly what Jesus was trying to do in His life and ministry (and not just in His death and resurrection). In Him, Israel's God was becoming King ... which is why the most stunning proclamation of Jesus' followers to the world wasn't "He is alive" or "you can be forgiven by grace through faith in Him" but "there is another king - one called Jesus." (Acts 17:6)

As that group grew and expanded "to the ends of the earth" (in obedience to Jesus' final instructions), the spread of that message and the upside-down way of life in God's Kingdom led to the formation of little communities all over the world (called "church") who attempted to live according to that reality. This Sunday we're going to take a close look at some of the unique characteristics of those communities in a message called An Upside-Down Community. It's going to be another great day at NHCC and I hope you will be present or watching/listening via our livestream!

Speaking of livestream ... our service provider has been having problems with their software and we will be making a switch this Sunday. If you've had trouble recently, hopefully things will improve!

Finally, just a quick update on our PALs Project - a series of modifications to our Children's Ministry area so that we can better serve children with special needs (and their parents) as well as several other improvements that necessarily domino from that effort. Our goal is $25K and, as of this week, we are more than halfway there. We're up to $13.7K!

This is such a great project with a very tangible impact not just on kids and parents but also our entire small group ministry. If you haven't yet contributed you can do so by clicking here and selecting "PALS project" from the "fund" dropdown.

Ok, that's all for now. Stay warm and we'll see you Sunday!


*** Stats from last Sunday ***

09:30    444
11:00    516
Total    960
LiveStream IPs    50
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $27,994
Goal    $30,000
YTD    $338,318
Goal    $320,000
Status    $18,318


Rick McGinniss