05-06-18 @North Heartland (early edition): Final Week of "This Is Jesus" (plus baptism)

Dear Friends of North Heartland,

I am posting this week's edition of @North Heartland earlier than I usually do because I want to make sure you don't miss this Sunday's service, which is the final week of our five-month mega-series, This Is Jesus.

I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing for and presenting this series as I have been reminded again what an awesome God we have and what an amazing plan He has implemented to impact our world today and not just in eternity. We can live as citizens of God's "upside down" Kingdom right now Jesus said, because it exists right alongside of and, oftentimes, in spite of the kingdoms of this world. We don't have to wait for Heaven to experience the kind of life - and impact - He desires for us, which is why Jesus taught us to pray that God's Kingdom would come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Because we have spent so much time investigating Jesus, I am quite certain that there are many who are ready to say "yes" to Him and His Kingdom. That's why we will be including baptism as part of Sunday's service. Baptism is the public declaration of our faith in Him. When a person is baptized he or she is saying "I believe that Jesus is King; that He died and rose again so that my sins could be forgiven and I could join the movement He began, i.e. the Kingdom of God. I'm in!"

So ... if you have come to believe in Jesus but have never been baptized (or, if you were baptized at some point without understanding its meaning), I invite you to do so this Sunday.

We will have the baptismal pool set up for both the 9:30 and 11:00 service. It would help if we knew ahead of time that you will be participating (click here) but it's not necessary. You can also decide on the spot in the service to "take the plunge." You don't even need to bring a change of clothes and a towel (though you can if you wish) because we will provide all of that (and more) to anyone who needs it.

Also, if you have friends and family who want to support you in this, they can come up to the baptismal pool with you!

I should also add that we do not baptize infants (we do a parent-child blessing in August instead) and that kids elementary-age and younger need to meet with our Children's Ministry Director, Julie Smoltd, before Sunday. You can contact her at julie@northheartland.org.

I'm looking forward to a great day Sunday. I hope you will be part of it. Even if you are not being baptized, your presence will be a great support to those who are!


*** Stats from Sunday ***

09:30    286
11:00    325
Total    611
LiveStream IPs    41
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $17,627
Goal    $30,000
YTD    $438,415
Goal    $440,000
Status    -$1,585




Rick McGinniss