07-01-18 @North Heartland: "Lessons Learned" (Back to work for Rick!)

Good afternoon dear family and friends of NHCC,

It's been a while! As most of you know, I've been away for the past seven weeks - six on sabbatical and one on vacation. I had a great and productive time (which I will tell you about in Sunday's message) but it's good to be back. I love what I get to do and the people I get to do it with!

A couple of things I want to let you know about while I have your attention ... first of all, you may remember that last fall I decided I was not going to do a movie series in February (which had become the norm for the past five years). Instead, I said, I was going to do it in summer. Well, the time for that little experiment is drawing nigh. Two weeks from this Sunday (July 16th) we'll begin a five-week movie series. More details on that next week.

Second, we are now in "fireworks season" - a great opportunity for us to serve one of our Impact Partners (non-profit organizations that do good in our community in ways that we cannot). Everything we make in this project (less expenses) goes to the Impact Fund but we still need lots of volunteers to help run the operation at our big tent just outside of Leavenworth.

Here are the "regular shifts" remaining and the number of additional helpers we need. If you work at one of these, you will not be on a register or handling cash though you might be asked to read off prices on items. Mostly you just need to be friendly and smile at customers, plus handle various tasks (like bagging, straightening up, directing cars in the parking lot, etc).

Sun July 1
5:30-10:30 pm need 5 more

Tue July 3
1-6 pm need 6 more
5:30-10:30 pm need 5 more

Wed July 4
1-6 pm  need 5 more

There are two "special shifts" that need additional help after everything is over on the night of the Fourth:

* 10-11:30 pm Inventory Shift  need 8 more (need to be able to count quietly)
* 11:30pm-1:00a Tear Down    need 8 more (strong backs and pick-up trucks are especially desired:)

Sign up for one or more shifts by clicking here:

That's all for now. Stay cool and I will see you Sunday!


**** Stats from last Sunday ****

09:30   269
11:00   363
Total    632
LiveStream IPs    49

Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $27,611
Goal    $30,000
YTD    $640,230
Goal    $664,000
Status    -$23,770


Rick McGinniss