07-15-18 @North Heartland: Movie Series Begins!

Good afternoon dear family and friends of North Heartland,

I'm sending this weekly communique a few days early because this Sunday is a big day here at NHCC. It's Week One of our fabulously awesome 2018 movie series, When Evil Comes to Call, in which we'll use five recent movies to illustrate the kinds of pain and suffering that we all endure in this world and how The Way of Jesus empowers us to be victors instead of victims.

This week's movie is A Quiet Place which was literally just released on DVD/Blu-Ray today. It's now available to rent at local Redbox locations and  can also be streamed online for about $5 from Amazon, Fandango, I-tunes, etc.

If you've seen the trailers or read the reviews for this movie, it may look like it's a horror movie but it's really not. It's more in the mold of Mel Gibson's Signs, meaning that the scary moments are fairly subtle and there isn't anything gross (as in Friday the 13th, for example). In fact, I'm not at all a fan of horror movies but when I saw A Quiet Place last spring, I came away so impressed and anxious to use it in this series. It's that good. So, if you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to give it look this week.

Of course, as always, I will be showing clips from the movie in my message so you'll be able to follow along even if you don't see it.

Since this is our first week and we're doing a lot of publicity and personal invitations, we expect to have a fairly large crowd as well as more than a few first-timers. With that in mind, it would be great if you would ...

  • Arrive a few minutes earlier than usual (especially if checking your kids into Adventureland).
  • Leave the closest in parking spaces open for guests.
  • "Move down and move in" when choosing your seat, i.e. leave the uppermost and aisle seats open for guests.
  • Say "hello" and be nice to people you don't know. :)

Finally, please pray for me and everyone else involved in the production of this Sunday's service (music, tech, greeters, Adventureland and Student Ministry workers). Ask God to use us powerfully as we present the Way of Jesus so that everyone - newcomers and old-timers - will be drawn to follow Jesus and trust in Him.

Oh, one more thing ... if you're a golfer, don't forget that our Swing Into Action: Restore Hope Charity Golf Tournament is a month away (1pm @Tiffany Greens, Friday August 10th). If you sign up in the next 10 days, you get a $25 discount per player! Until then, only $100 gets you lunch, food on the course, games package, tee gift, hole contests, cart, greens fee, tournament scoring and more! Go here for more info and to sign up.

Happy movie-watching!


*** Stats from Sunday ***

09:30    252
11:00    353
Total    605    

LiveStream IPs    26    

Ministry & Operations Fund

Offering    $18,006
Goal    $25,500
YTD    $685,508
Goal    $715,000
Status    -$29,492


Rick McGinniss