07-22-18 @North Heartland: Dr. Strange

Good morning family and friends of North Heartland,

Last Sunday we kicked off our latest series, At the Movies: When Evil Comes to Call, with the awesome horror thriller A Quiet Place. What a great day it was as we not only got to see God's truth in a new way through the parable of the movie but we also had a record high mid-summer attendance with so many new folks showing up. A huge kudos to all of our "regulars" who moved "up and in" (towards the front of the room and away from the aisles) so that our guests could have those seats.

The excitement continues this Sunday with the 2016 Marvel hit Dr. Strange. This movie has so much going for it: an incredible production, effects and, for a sci-fi thriller, a pretty good amount of humor.  It also has a great story with so many spiritual insights and applications that I'm actually having to leave some out of my message! So, if you haven't had a chance to watch it, check it out before Sunday. It's widely available online and "free" at Netflix (assuming you have an account).

Finally, if you're a golfer planning to play in our annual charity tournament, Swing Into Action, on Friday August 10th, today is the final day to get the advance sign-up discount of $25 per player. Go here for more info and to sign up. You can pay now or at the course (Tiffany Greens) on the day of the tournament. My team is already signed up and, if you're a golfer, I hope you'll join me for the fun as well as the opportunity to support two great organizations: Hillcrest Transitional Housing and Restoration House of Greater Kansas City who are doing such outstanding work in helping at-risk youth and victims of sex-trafficking in our community.

See you Sunday!


**** Stats from Sunday ****

09:30    323
11:00    474
Total    797
LiveStream IPs    33
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $39,942
Goal    $25,500
YTD    $725,450
Goal    $740,500
Status    -$15,050

Rick McGinniss