08-12-18 @North Heartland: "Passengers"

Good morning North Heartlanders,

The curtain is about to fall on this year's edition of At the Movies. The final act occurs this Sunday with Passengers - the 2016 hit movie starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. It's a tough call but, of all the movies we've looked at in this series, I think this one is my favorite. First of all, there aren't so many main characters to keep track of (Murder on the Orient Express had FIFTEEN!) and secondly, it provides a super-clear illustration of the fifth and final type of evil we encounter in this world. I'm excited to do this message because I'm positive so many people will be immediately helped by it!

As for what comes next, we'll shift gears for one Sunday (August 19th) for our annual "Next Gen Sunday." Several years ago, our pastors felt strongly that we needed to encourage, bless and honor everyone in our congregation who is, in some way, investing in the development of future generations - parents, grandparents, teachers, school administrators, student and children's ministry leaders and volunteers - which is what this service is about. (For more info on the parent-child blessing please contact julie@northheartland.org.)

As for what's after that ... we'll begin a six-week series called Five Things God Uses to Grow Our Faith. I'll give you more details on that next week but I can say right now that it will be an extremely practical series!

In any case, that's all for today. I'm off to play in the Swing Into Action Charity Golf Tournament which benefits two of our NHCC Impact Partners, Restoration House KC and Hillcrest Transitional Housing. A big atta-girl to Shannon Horn and her incredible team of staff and volunteers for all the work they've put into this event!

See you Sunday!



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Rick McGinniss