08-19-18 @North Heartland: "Shaping the Next Generation"

Good morning family and friends of NHCC!

This is a really big weekend here at North Heartland: a huge emphasis on the young people of our church as well as those who invest in their development - parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, school administrators, plus NHCC ministry staff and volunteers.

Tonight at 6:00 pm, well over 150 of those fine folks and their young charges will gather at the building for a BBQ and party. Then, on Sunday, we'll bless and encourage all those folks as part of our service, plus we'll hear a message called Shaping the Next Generation which will provide practical advice on the vital role we can all play.

Looking ahead ... next Sunday we'll begin a new series called Five Things God Uses to Grow Our Faith. If you knew with certainty that God was in everything and was planning to leverage it for good, how differently would you respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things? That’s the kind of faith God wants us to have in Him but it doesn’t “just happen.” In this series, we’ll discover five time-tested environments and experiences that turn “little faith” into “great faith.”

08-26 The Great Invitation (introduction)
09-02 Listen Up!
09-09 Behind the Scenes
09-16 Getting in the Game
09-23 Strength in Numbers
09-30 Divine Crossroads

See you Sunday!


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Rick McGinniss