08-26-18 @North Heartland: New Series Begins!

Hey everyone,

Two quick things this sunny afternoon ...

First, this Sunday we'll be launching a brand new series, Five Things God Uses to Grow Our Faith. Whether you've been a believer-in-Jesus all of your life ... or you're just starting out .. or you're just curious, this extremely practical series will be of huge benefit to you. After all, who wants a wimpy faith?

I also want let you know that throughout this series we'll be introducing a few changes to the typical flow of our services (i.e., two congregational songs, a setup feature song, message, closing feature song) because things are getting a little too predictable.

Some of the changes will be minor and some will be much more noticeable - especially as the series progresses - but I wanted to let you know what's coming and to say that starting this Sunday you really do want to be seated and ready to go right at 9:30 or 11:00.

Second, if you're married and interested in being part of a new small group that's about to form, come to the front of the auditorium following either service to meet with Associate Pastor Ladell Thomason for more details.

See you then!


**** Stats from Sunday ****

09:30    370
11:00    370
Total    740
LiveStream IPs    29
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $14,831
Goal    $25,500
YTD    $843,979
Goal    $868,000
Status    -$24,021


Rick McGinniss