08-05-18 @North Heartland: "Black Panther"

Good morning NHCCers!

It's week four of five in our series, At the Movies 2018: When Evil Comes to Call, and this week we'll be looking at Marvel Comics' blockbuster hit Black Panther. Lots of movies are labeled "blockbusters" but Black Panther truly is, ranking number one in domestic ticket sales over the past year (surpassing even the recent Avengers: Infinity War), and also sitting at number three in all-time ticket sales (The Force Awakens and Avatar hold the top two spots).

If you haven't seen it yet, the movie is available at Redbox along with a plethora of streaming options. As always, if you don't see it beforehand, I'll be showing clips and detailing the plot in my message so you can follow along. And just a hint as to the point: this movie provides an excellent illustration of the fourth type of evil we're looking at in this series, systemic evil - unjust human systems and institutions (i.e., governments, business, social classes, families, etc) - and how to respond. One more hint ... while Black Panther obviously illustrates racial injustice, the principles apply to all kinds of injustice which all of us (regardless of race) face at some point.

I'm looking forward to sharing this movie with you so I hope you'll be present or watching online this Sunday morning. Also, remember this is a great time to invite a friend or family member who isn't a church-attender!


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Rick McGinniss