09-16-18 @North Heartland: "Getting in the Game"

Did you see that Chiefs' game last Sunday? Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes II?

I promise this weekly communique won't become an ongoing assessment of our hometown team but dang - those guys were great!  It was so much fun to watch athletes who are that gifted and trained. Only a handful of people in the world are able to be on the field and play at that level.

What a contrast to how it works with God who desires that all who follow Jesus - regardless of their gifts and training and qualifications - "get in the game" in some way. In fact, it's one of those five things He uses to grow us and our faith in Him ... which is what I'll be talking about in this Sunday's message, Getting in the Game.

I'm really pumped about everything we have planned for this service and I hope you'll be able to join us. It's going to be a lot of fun! And, once again, just a heads up that you don't want to miss the beginning of the service. Be in the auditorium and ready to play ball at 9:30 and 11:00.

See you then!


*** Stats from last Sunday ***

09:30    394
11:00    380
Total    774

LiveStream IPs    42
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $29,486
Goal    $29,000
YTD    $933,808
Goal    $951,500
Status    -$17,693

Rick McGinniss