01-09-19 @North Heartland: Part II of Breathing Room ... "Timeless"

Good morning dear soon-to-be-snowed-upon NHCCers,

We have such a great weekend coming up don't we? Snow tonight, Chiefs game tomorrow (victory is ours I say!) and another awesome service Sunday morning at North Heartland as we continue in our series, Breathing Room. If you were here last Sunday, you know we're talking about how to take back control of the over-scheduled, over-spent and over-indulged life most of us are living. In this week's message, Timeless, we'll look at how to create more breathing room in our schedules. I'm excited to share the message with you!

In other news, I am happy to report several significant changes in our staff. Effective immediately, both Julie Smoldt and Clay Gorrell have been promoted to the position of Assistant Pastor. Julie will continue to lead Children's Ministry and volunteerism development but her responsibilities will now include oversight of Family Ministry (which also includes Student Ministry) plus general pastoral duties as assigned. Clay will continue to oversee Student Ministry while also adding general pastoral duties as assigned.

With the change in Julie's role, Ladell Thomason will no longer oversee Family Ministry. This will allow him to shift his attention to new areas of ministry, including the development of training specifically designed to help NHCCers develop their spiritual life.

In addition, Tabitha Sinnett has been promoted from Administrative Assistant to Director of Business Essentials which is the position currently held by Mica St. George, who is also being promoted. Mica will now serve as Executive Director, leading and organizing the entire staff to accomplish our ministry goals and objectives - a task formerly assigned to the senior pastor, i.e. me, which has become a bit overwhelming as the staff has grown.

Obviously, lots of changes are taking place and I am thrilled with all of them. We already had an excellent and amazing team and it's about to get even better!

With that, I'll sign off for now. Hope to see you Sunday ... and GO CHIEFS!


******  Stats from last Sunday ******

09:30    512
11:00    361
Total    873
LiveStream IPs    38
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $7,420
Goal    $14,000
YTD    $7,420
Goal    $14,000
Status    -$6,580

Rick McGinniss