01-20-19 @North Heartland: Part III of Breathing Room ... "More or Less"

Good morning dear family and friends of NHCC,

So, it looks like a very similar weekend to last is setting up.

  1. A decent snow (remember, we'll be open Sunday regardless of the weather!)

  2. A great Chiefs game (FWIW I'm happy they'll be playing the Patriots and getting revenge for the loss in Foxboro and the playoff loss two years ago)

  3. Another awesome Sunday at NHCC!

In addition to a great time of worship through music, we'll talk about how to get some breathing room in our finances. And I'll let you know right up front that even though we'll be talking about the M-word (money), I won't be asking you for any. 🙂 This message will be about how you and I can alleviate some of the pressure we feel in this area. I'm positive this service will be of great help regardless of your current financial status!

In other news, I need to let you know that effective February 1st, Hannah Shuler's position as our part-time Interim Director of Arts will become permanent and full-time. We - the pastoral team and Advisory Council - are thrilled to have her take this role. Not only is Hannah musically gifted and talented, she loves the Lord, her family and the church. In addition, her many years of volunteer service have given her a clear understanding of the unique mission of NHCC and the significance of the Arts Ministry in achieving it.

Hannah's primary responsibility will be to ensure the success and health of the overall Arts ministry and those who serve in it. More specifically, her duties (beyond continuing to sing) will include service programming plus oversight and direction of all teams and personnel (both paid and volunteer) involved in production. Hannah will report directly to me.

Richard Blair's position as part-time Interim Director of Music will also become permanent as of February 1st.  In addition to assisting in service programming and serving as lead vocalist/worship leader, his duties will expand to include preparing charts and materials each week plus leading band rehearsal. Richard will report directly to Hannah.

Finally, a word of thanks is due to all of you for bearing with us during this transition period. I'm excited about the future of this ministry area ... and our church in general.

Go Chiefs!


****** Stats from last Sunday ******

09:30    335
11:00    320
Total    655
LiveStream IPs    58
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $13,760
Goal    $20,000
YTD    $21,180
Goal    $34,000
Status    -$12,820

Rick McGinniss