02-03-19 @North Heartland: Black Sunday

Good afternoon dear family and friends of NHCC,

I'm getting this week's @North Heartland out a bit earlier than usual because I want to remind you that this Sunday is another great opportunity to invite someone who is not a Christian or a church attender. We're calling it Black Sunday (and, yes, there was a 1977 movie by the same name ... about the Super Bowl ... and you might even see a callback to it in the service) because, if you're a Chiefs' fan, this Sunday is not a happy day. This Sunday is the day that you thought, you hoped, you believed that your team - not Tom Brady and the Patriots AGAIN - would be playing in the greatest one-day sporting event in the world. <sniffs and wipes tear from eye>

So, instead of staying stuck in the dumps, we're going to the whole thing on its head and have some fun with it ... and ... hopefully ... understand why, if the loss to the Pats was "only a game," it was so hard to take. Believe it or not, there is a very significant and surprising spiritual angle to that whole thing ... which is why this Sunday will be such a great day to invite someone.

In fact, I will say that of all possible Sundays you could ever invite someone who is not a church attender to come with you, this is THE one because, in addition that spiritual angle I'll be talking about in the message, we're going to have great music, some fun and games ("The NFL Follies"), plus lots of video clips featuring on and off-the-field exploits from this year's amazing Chiefs team.

So, dress in black and/or wear your Chiefs gear and join us for a very memorable and high-impact Sunday!


****** Stats from Last Sunday ******

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11:00    372
Total    766
LiveStream IPs    59
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Goal    $20,000
YTD    $63,376
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Status    -$10,624

Rick McGinniss