10-13-19 @North Heartland: "Just Do Something" / Christmas at the Movies II

Good afternoon NHCCers,

Yikes, who left the freezer open?!?!?

This morning was a brisk reminder that winter is not far away ... which means that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are not far away ... which means that I have been thinking about which holiday classics are going to be in this year's edition of Christmas at the Movies.

Yes, friends, that's right, it went so well last year that we decided to bring it back for at least one more year (with different movies, of course). I'll let you know which ones we'll be using as the time approaches but, for today, I just wanted to get it in your mind ... since it has been on mine.

In the more immediate time frame, this Sunday's service is called Just Do Something - how God can use your brokenness to help others. We'll feature several NHCCers and their stories of how God is using them to make a difference through our various Impact Partners, plus how all of us can be involved in some way. I'm thrilled that we get to make our community a better place through this ministry and I'm looking forward to hearing more this Sunday!

Finally, if North Heartland is your church and you are not in a small group, you're really missing out on an important part of your spiritual journey. We have several groups open right now and four new ones launching. Go here for more info.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you Sunday!


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