10-06-19 @North Heartland: "Stuck in the Middle" & 25th Anniversary

Good afternoon dear family and friends of NHCC,

Wow, what an awesome night we had this past Wednesday as we celebrated our 25th anniversary as church. A big thank you to all the volunteers who did so many things from setting up the displays, to cooking and serving the food, to producing the various elements of the service. It was one of our best events ever.

If you weren't able to make it, you'll be happy to know that we're leaving many of the displays up thru this Sunday so, if you're at service, you'll get to see them. In addition, that amazing "countdown" video (created by Price Horn) which ran for the 10 minutes prior to the service will run again Sunday for the 10 minutes before each service. So, get here early and be in the auditorium if you want to see it - and let me tell you, you do.

Also, next week we'll be posting a video link to the entire celebration service so, if you missed it, you can watch and enjoy.

As for this Sunday, we'll be closing out our Stuck in the Middle series. I wish I could say it's been fun but, if I did, I would be lying. It's actually been a hard series for me personally because, as I said in last week's message, the past twelve months have been one of the most difficult years in a long time for me as the senior pastor of NHCC. I'll explain why I say that this Sunday (hint: it has to do with change) as we look at the final lament that often arises when things change: "it won't be like it was."

If you're feeling that way or you know someone who is, you and/or they really need this message and I hope you'll be present for it. We have some GREAT music planned, too.

As for what follows this series, more on that next week.

Before I let you go, I thought you might be interested to know that we have received over $1,000 from Amazon ($1,061.23 to be exact) in the two-plus years we have participated in the "Amazon Smile" program! Amazon Smile is a way to designate a charity (like North Heartland) to receive 1% of the value of every purchase you make.

Please keep this in mind as you begin your Christmas shopping. Details on the program and how to sign up are on the Amazon website. so check it out!

Have a great weekend and I will see you Sunday,


**** Stats from last Sunday ****

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Total 708

LiveStream IPs 40

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Weekly Offering $12,097
Weekly Goal $22,692
Total from July 1 $273,801
Goal from July 1 $295,000
Over/(Under) -$21,199

Rick McGinniss