02-17-19 @North Heartland: "State of Mind" continues

Good about-to-be-snowy morning NHCCers,

Will it ever stop???

No, that's not a question about how often it has snowed so far this winter.* Instead, it's the question that some of us have concerning the circumstances of our lives. So many things don't go as we had hoped. So many people frustrate and disappoint us.

It's enough to drive you crazy which is why this Sunday's message, Point of View, is about getting an accurate perspective about your problems.

As we discovered in last Sunday's message, Wired, we become what we think about (our brain cells literally change), so what we think about difficult people and situations really matters to our mental and emotional health.

Finally ... and you know I'm going to say this ... after it snows AGAIN Saturday evening, we'll be open and ready to go Sunday morning. If you can't make it to the building, please tune in to our LiveStream feed via our app or our website. If you have a Roku, install the Sunday Streams app and search for NHCCKCMO. 

Also, if you are unable to attend, remember that you are still able to honor God and financially support our ministry through the "Give" tab of our website and app. There is even a link on the LiveStream feed.

Enjoy your weekend ... and the snow!


* Today will make 30 days of snowfall compared to a fall/winter average of 8.3 with another month of potential snow days left. You're welcome.

**** Stats from last Sunday ****

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11:00    339
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LiveStream IPs    101
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Goal    $25,000
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Rick McGinniss