02-24-19 @North Heartland: "Detox"

Good morning dear family and friends of North Heartland,

Hard to believe but we might actually have a snow-free Sunday ... which is great because you really don't want to miss this week's service ... as in, you really want to be in the room if at all possible.

As you know, we're in the middle of our State of Mind series and this week's message is called Detox. One of the greatest influences on our mental and emotional health is how we handle it when life hurts. If we don't do that well (or at all), we begin to accumulate mental, emotional (and eventually spiritual) sludge that darkens our state of mind and leads us down the path to anxiety, depression and sometimes worse.

In the message I'm going to talk about three practices taught and modeled by Jesus and the ancient prophets of Israel that will help us clean out these toxins that poison the heart, mind and soul. I'm very much looking forward to sharing these practices because they have personally helped me and I am sure they will help you, too.

As I mentioned last week, this Sunday is also an ideal time to invite someone you know who is struggling with their mental and emotional health. I'm positive this will be an extremely beneficial experience for them not only because of the message but because of the music we've chosen and the experience we have planned. It's going to be a great day.

Before I let you go, I need to mention that the recent winter weather is having a negative effect on our finances. If you look at the stats below, you will see that we are running almost a week behind in our offerings. We have a cash reserve of about seven weeks so we're not in a critical state yet but I felt like I should let you know what's happening, especially if this is your church.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend and I will see you Sunday!


**** Stats from Sunday ****

09:30    366
11:00    313
Total    679
LiveStream IPs    79
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $15,620
Goal    $25,000
YTD    $127,561
Goal    $149,000
Status    -$21,439

Rick McGinniss