02-10-19 @North Heartland: "State of Mind" series begins Sunday!

Good afternoon dear family and friends of North Heartland,

Several items of interest I want to let you know about today.

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who participated in Black Sunday last weekend by dressing in black or wearing your Chiefs gear. It was a lot of fun and, hopefully, helped you understand how our hunger to "bask in reflected glory" (BIRG) is evidence that we were created to bask in and reflect the ultimate glory - the Glory of God. If you missed the message, you can check it out here.

Second, this Sunday we begin a brand new series called State of Mind because, frankly, our collective state of mind isn't doing so well these days. I say that because depression and anxiety are affecting the population (especially younger people) at unprecedented levels. And the problem seems to be getting worse. My hope is that this series will help us to take more control of our mental and emotional health.

I'm calling this Sunday's message Wired because scientists have discovered that our thought patterns can literally reshape and rewire our brain. But, just as importantly, they also can also reshape and rewire our life. I hope you'll be present for this service and I hope you'll bring a friend or family member who doesn't attend church with you as this information could turn out to be life-changing!

Third thing to let you know about (and many of you already know this) is that our NHCC family has lost one of its dearest members. Amy Harris passed away last Sunday evening after a lengthy battle with cancer.  Amy was responsible for coordinating many of our women's and couples events through the years. Her husband, Leonard, has been a mainstay on our soundboard since the very beginning of our church and her oldest son, Zach, is a regular on the drums almost every Sunday morning. Her youngest son, Garrick, is active in our Adventureland Children's ministry.

Amy's memorial service will be held in the NHCC auditorium this Saturday morning at 11 AM. Visitation is at 10 AM and the service will be followed by a lunch reception. Everyone is welcome and I hope you will attend.

Finally, there is a chance of snow (AGAIN) this Sunday morning. As always - and I know you're sick of me saying this - the parking lot will be clear, the sidewalks shoveled and we'll be ready to go. If you can make it, you'll get our very best. 

Hope to see you then!


***** Stats from Last Sunday *****

09:30    474
11:00    394
Total    868
LiveStream IPs    44
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $27,786
Goal    $25,000
YTD    $91,162
Goal    $99,000
Status    -$7,838

Rick McGinniss