03-24-19 @North Heartland: "This Is Us ... Fallout"

Good morning NHCCers!

Got several things to mention to you this gorgeous day ... hopefully all of interest. 🙂

First off, after many years of resistance, I am finally going to dip my toe into the world of social media - sort of. Specifically, I'm going to begin using my long-dormant Twitter account on a regular basis and you can follow me if you want. My handle is @RickMcGinniss.

As for what I will tweet (gosh that sounds goofy coming from me!), I'm planning to feature quotes and links to articles, videos and other items of interest that I have come across in preparation for each Sunday's message. I typically spend a great deal of time in research for a sermon and a lot of what I encounter is very insightful and inspirational but, for various reasons, doesn't make it into the message. It just sits there in my notes doing no one else any good.

Until now.

I should also say that I will not be tweeting anything of a politically partisan nature. Lots of other people do that and there isn't a need for one more.

Next thing to share with you is a recent trend to use the names of pastors as bait in a phishing scam. The details are here but the basics of the scam are that church folks get an email from their minister requesting they make a contribution to the church by buying and sending in gift cards.

I've not heard of anyone at NHCC being phished in this way but, just to be clear: I will never ask you to buy and send in a gift card. 🙂

Finally, this Sunday we continue on our series This Is Us. Just a heads up that the multimedia and music for this service will be over-the-top. I think the message, Fallout, might be pretty decent, too, as we take the next step in understanding why we are the way we are as human beings.

I hope you be present or watching online and that you'll invite someone who doesn't follow Jesus or go to church anywhere.

Until then, have a great weekend!


***** Stats from Sunday *****

09:30    368
11:00    410
Total    778
LiveStream IPs    43
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $21,272
Goal    $26,000
YTD    $235,771
Goal    $252,000
Status    -$16,229

Rick McGinniss