03-10-19 @North Heartland: "Voices" / KC Wolf men's breakfast

Hey there good people of North Heartland,

As you can see from last Sunday's attendance numbers at the bottom of this post, the lousy weather once again had a huge impact. Of all the Sundays affected by the weather in this winter-that-never-ends, that was probably the worst. So I totally understand why anyone would have decided to stay home and watch via our livestream. Kudos to the record number who did!

That said, I also want to give a big pat on the back to everyone who made the effort to be present onsite, and especially to the many volunteers who showed up to greet, serve coffee, teach our children and students, and lead us in worship plus a dozen other things. I am so impressed by you all. You are the reason our "we never cancel for weather" policy actually works. For many years, I have promised that we will ALWAYS have church even if it's only me, a Bible and a bongo drum. Fortunately, because of you, we have never had to learn just how well that would go.  :)

Moving on to this Sunday ... we'll be wrapping up our five-week series State of Mind with a message we're calling Voices. This one is a big deal because so much of what goes on inside of our head is directly linked to voices outside of it (like social media, peers, family, politics and culture). For our mental and emotional health, we need to proactively manage those outside voices as well as the ones inside. I'm positive the message will be of great help to all of us in that regard.

I should also add that you definitely want to be onsite for this service if at all possible!

As for what's next ... on the 17th we'll begin a new series called This Is Us. If you've ever wondered “why am I here? How can my life be so good and so bad? Why am I so good and so bad?” this series will reveal some surprising - and unsettling - truths about why we are the way we are; truths that might just change everything.

I'll give you more details next week, but the series will run through Easter Sunday April 21st and will be an excellent time to invite family and friends who are not attending church and/or who are not followers of Jesus.

Finally, of more immediate interest ... tomorrow morning (Saturday 3/9) we'll be hosting Dan Mears at our men's breakfast which begins at 8:30am in the NHCC Cafe. Dan has been the Chief's mascot (KC Wolf) for many years He's also a great Christian guy with a great testimony. Sign up officially ended yesterday but I just learned that it's been extended to noon today.

So, gentlemen, click here to sign up if you haven't done so already. Cost is a mere $5 which includes a great Hy Vee breakfast feast. Feel free to bring a friend, too!

Ok, that's all for now. Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend!


09:30    210
11:00    192
Total    402
LiveStream IPs    131 (a record high!)
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $18,831
Goal    $26,000
YTD    $188,064
Goal    $200,000
Status    -$11,936

Rick McGinniss