04-11-19 @North Heartland: "This Is Us: More Than You Know"

Good morning family and friends of NHCC,

I'm really looking forward to the next several weeks and weekends here at NHCC. We have quite a bit going on, beginning with …

The final two weeks of our current series This Is Us. This Sunday's message is More Than You Know and I have to say that I'm happy we'll be moving to the "solution side" as we talk more about why we are the way we are as human beings. Over the past three weeks we've looked at how sin has messed things up and keeps us from being what we are meant to be. This Sunday and next we'll be looking at God's answer and, in particular, God's motive in solving the problem. If you've ever wondered what God is doing in your life, you don't want to miss either of the next two Sundays!

Speaking of the next two Sundays ... next Sunday is Easter which means it's a great time to invite people who currently do not attend church anywhere and who may not know Jesus.  I hope you'll take advantage of that opportunity. It will also be a super high-attendance day which will impact traffic, seating etc. I'll say more about that on Sunday and in next week's @NHCC.

In between those two Sundays is A Night of Worship on Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00pm. The service will feature an extended time of praise and worship through music plus a combination of creative video, communion and music to help us remember the 24 hours leading up to the Cross. I promise you: this will be a night to remember so I hope you will make plans to attend. Childcare is provided through fifth grade.

Finally, as I mentioned last week, the Sunday after Easter we'll begin a new series which I'm calling Put a Ring on It. Here are the details:

04-28 Beating the Odds
Fear of failure has inspired alternatives to formally tying the knot. But the cure just might be worse than the disease. Is there a better way to ensure success?

05-05 Big Deal
In a culture that glorifies the thrill of the chase, the benefits of marriage are often overlooked. What if saying “I do” has a much greater impact than we think?

05-12 The “S” Word
The surprising key to a fulfilling marriage – and how to make it happen.

05-19 Trouble in Paradise
Every relationship goes through hard times. What does it take to survive? When is it OK to call it quits?

05-26 Q&A
I'll answer questions related to this series that have been submitted in advance by the congregation.

This series will be another great opportunity to invite folks - especially those who are "in a relationship" and/or considering marriage.

Have a great day and I will see you Sunday!


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Rick McGinniss