04-28-19 @North Heartland: New series "Put a Ring on It" begins!

I hope you were able to be present or watching online for last Sunday's celebration of the Resurrection. I've heard again and again that it was "the best service ever" at North Heartland and I would have to agree. (If you missed it, the message is here).

Kudos to all the musicians, vocalists and tech folks who spent many hours preparing and practicing as well as the First Impressions and Hospitality teams who provided such a welcoming environment. You all did such a great job - so great in fact that I expect we will have a large number of our first-time guests return this week for the launch of our new series Put a Ring On It.

As I mentioned at the end of the service on Sunday, I've worked hard to make sure this series is applicable to a very broad audience. Specifically ...

  • If you're in a relationship and wondering where it’s going or where it should be going, this series will help you.

  • If you’re single (either divorced or never married) and think that someday you will be in a relationship (which is statistically likely), this series will help you.

  • If you’re married and your marriage is good but could be better this series will help you.

  • If your marriage is in trouble, this series will help you

  • If you’re new to church and wondering if any of this “Jesus stuff” is relevant to  real life, this series will show you.

  • If you have a friend or family member who fits into any of the situations described above, this series will give you a great reason to invite them. Here's a link to the promo video I showed last week. Please share it!

Enjoy the weekend. See you Sunday!


***** Stats from Sunday *****

09:30     680
11:00     459
Total   1,139

(Highest Easter attendance since 2014 when we had 1180 in three services.)
LiveStream IPs    45
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $23,522
Goal    $30,000
YTD    $349,653
Goal    $394,000
Status    -$44,347

Rick McGinniss