05-12-19 @North Heartland: "The S-Word" (and Mother's Day)

Good morning dear family and friends of North Heartland,

This Sunday we'll continue in our series Put A Ring On It and I'll be talking about The S-Word and the difference it can make in a marriage. If you can only make it to one message in this series, this is the one. I say that because I'm going to talk about the radical (and positive) cultural shift Christianity produced in how husbands and wives relate to each other; a shift that almost everyone takes for granted these days. Plus, of course, practical suggestions concerning the S-word.

This Sunday is also Mother's Day so make sure to bring her with you if possible, as we're going to be honoring all moms in attendance. In addition, we know that for some ladies (those who are unable to bear children or who have lost children) this day is often difficult. We'll remember and lift up those women, too, as part of our time together.

Finally, here are some interesting links that helped me prepare for last Sunday's message:

165 Reasons to Marry: the social science data.

Christine Kim's presentation on why marriage and the intact family matter to our culture. If you ever wanted a well-researched and in-depth understanding of what "reality" is on this issue, this is it.

The clip I showed in the message ... Jordan Peterson and the "shackles" of marriage.

Hope to see you Sunday!


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