05-26-19 @North Heartland: "Put A Ring On It" conclusion: Q & A

Good morning North Heartlanders,

We're almost to the end of our series, Put A Ring On It. This Sunday's message, Q & A (such as creative title, I know) is based on the questions submitted by the congregation. There were about dozen turned in plus several I received in conversations after services which means that I probably won't be able to get to them all but I'll get as many in as possible.

One particular question came up several times: how should I handle being an "unequally-yoked" marriage, i.e., where one partner is a follower of Christ and the other is not (or where both may be believers but commitment and engagement levels are not the same)?  I'll for sure spend some time on that one as it describes a lot of men and women in our congregation.

Next Sunday is our semi-annual baptism service (in addition to the stand-alone message The "Normal" Christian Life - what should we expect life to be like as followers of Jesus?).

Because we do baptism a little differently here at NHCC and because there is so much confusion over its meaning, I made a Q&A video with Shannon last week to talk about it. If you've never been baptized or you were baptized as an infant, it would be worth watching. As you can tell, we had a lot of fun making it. The link is here.

If you want to participate in baptism, the link to sign up for it is here. Note that we don't baptize infants and toddlers, and we don't baptize elementary age kids without attending an advance meeting with our Family Ministry pastor, Julie Smoltd.

Speaking of Shannon, this Sunday is her last one with us for a while. As many of you know, we greatly value the health and well-being of our ministry staff which is why we provide a six-week sabbatical at the end of every six years of employment. I had mine last spring, Mica had hers last fall and, now, it's Shannon's turn. We will certainly miss her during this time frame but this short-term loss is well worth the gain because of its benefits to her and to us. Research shows that sabbaticals are a key factor in long-term staff retention and long-term staff retention is a key factor in congregational effectiveness.

Shannon will return to us at the Old-Fashioned Potluck and Worship Night on Wednesday, July 10 and will be sharing insights from her time away in a message on Sunday July 14th. So, be sure to hug her neck on Sunday. Also, be aware that she will not be returning texts or calls or emails. A sabbatical is a time to fully-disconnect from ministry and that's what she'll be doing.

Or else. :)

See you Sunday!


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Rick McGinniss