05-05-19 @North Heartland: "Big Deal"

Good afternoon family and friends of NHCC,

Just a very quick note to pass along some links from last week's message Beating the Odds (which was the first in our Put A Ring On It series) and also to let you know that this week's message is Big Deal. We'll look at why taking the formal step of "putting a ring on it" - committing to marriage - is a much bigger deal than most people think. I think this information will be beneficial to those who are not married and also to those who have been married for quite a while.

As I did last week, I will share some of the sociological research that's been done in recent years plus we'll look at it from a spiritual perspective as well.

Speaking of sociological research here are two sources that were especially helpful to me in last week's message:

Dr. Scott Stanley presentation on "sliding vs. deciding" at Princeton University is here. His blog is here.

From Dr. Galena Rhoades (Dr. Stanley's research partner at the University of Denver) ... a similar presentation on "sliding vs. deciding" is here.

Here is an article in which she summarizes their 2014 National Marriage Project work at U VA.

All four of these links are pretty impressive in terms of content. I hope you'll check them out.

Hope to see you Sunday!


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