06-16-19 @North Heartland: "But First ..."

Hey there good family and friends of NHCC,

Wanted to give you a quick heads up on this Sunday's service as we continue our series The Divided States of America. First of all, if you missed last week, you'll want to check out that message here as it gives context to the whole series. I say that because some of what we're looking at is a bit controversial.

As for this week, we'll be talking about how we develop our opinions and convictions concerning what our politicians should or shouldn't be doing. There's not necessarily a right way or wrong way on that, however, Jesus said if we're His disciples, we must first do this one thing; something which, in my experience, most of us (myself included) overlook. Know what it is?

I'll give you a hint as to what it is not. It's not "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and it's not "pray" or "fast" or any other spiritual activity.

I think you'll be surprised at what it is. But when we do it, it changes everything.

See you Sunday!


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Rick McGinniss