07-21-19 @North Heartland: New series begins Sunday!

Good <hot> afternoon NHCCers!

Have you ever noticed that while we talk a lot about what it means for God to love us, rarely do we consider what it means for us to love God?  And yet, according to Jesus, that - loving God - is the first and greatest commandment of all 633 laws in the Hebrew Bible!

So we're going to talk about it over the next five weeks in a series I'm calling First Love. Here's the plan ...

Sunday: Why "Love"
We can believe in God and follow God but do we really need to love Him?

07-28: Bad God?
The God of the Bible sometimes seems demanding and cruel. Is He worthy of our love?

08-04: Show Me
How do you show love to a supernatural Being you can’t see, hear or touch?

08-11: Engaged
What does it take to develop a relationship with God? Hint: it doesn’t “just happen.”

08-18: Overflow
The amazing impact of loving God on everything and everyone else.

If you're a follower of Jesus, I hope you'll make every effort to be here each week and, if you can't be, I hope you'll listen or watch on our livestream. If you're not a Christian and you're just investigating the Christian faith, I want to encourage you to do the same as this series will be very helpful in understanding what is at the core of living life as a follower of Jesus.

On another note ... in a little less than three months, NHCC will celebrate it's 25th anniversary. Our first service was Sunday October 2nd of 1994, so on Wednesday evening October 2nd we're going to have a big party with a time of worship and thanksgiving. I hope you'll put it your calendar right now to be there!

In addition, at the celebration, we're hoping to hear testimonies of how being part of NHCC has impacted folks, so if you have a story to share, we'd love to hear it. This Sunday and next, stop by the camera we've set up near the ladies room in the commons and tell it to us. You don't need to be rehearsed or polished - we'll make you look great when we edit. 🙂

Finally, the annual NHCC Charity Golf Tournament is just three weeks from today so if you're a golfer and you haven't yet registered, do so now by clicking here. (In case you're wondering, I have a team entered in this event and we're in it to win it. Just sayin'.)

Ok, that's all for now - have a great weekend and I will see you Sunday morning!


Rick McGinniss