07-07-19 @North Heartland: Lots O' Good stuff!

Hey there dear family and friends of NHCC,

It might be the lazy hazy days of summer but there is a LOT going on in the next few weeks @North Heartland so I'm devoting this week's note to making sure you're up to speed on it all!

First, this Sunday we conclude our series The Divided States of America. I'll be talking about Church, State & Power because  a big part of the tension in our culture has to do with confusion over exactly what role faith and religion have when it comes to politics and government and vice versa. (Hint: part of the answer is embedded in my choice of words in that sentence - find out Sunday!)

Second, we're only a week a way from the Old-Fashioned Potluck Supper and Worship Night which is next Wednesday, July 10th. Dinner starts at 6 and worship begins at 7:15. This will be our second worship night this year and, if it's anything like our first one back in April, it's going to be awesome!

If you've never been to a potluck, the deal is you bring a main dish, side dish or sweet treat to share with everyone. We'll provide drinks and paper products. Also, childcare will be provided for the worship night portion of the evening.

It would be extremely helpful if you would click here to let us know you're coming to the dinner and what you'll be bringing to share.

Third, as many of you know, Associate Pastor Shannon Horn has been away on sabbatical since the end of May, which means she'll be returning soon. We're all very excited about that plus looking forward to hearing what God has been teaching her. She'll be speaking a week from this Sunday (July 14th) and I have a hunch we might have something kind of fun to welcome her back on that day (totally appropriate since Shannon's unofficial job title is "Queen of the Party.")

Finally, on the Sunday after that (July 21st), I'm going to begin a five-week series called First Love.  This series was prompted by the message I did on June 6th called But First ... in which we talked about Jesus saying that the first and greatest commandment is to love God and, specifically, how that ought to affect the political and moral thinking of Christians.

After that message, it occurred to me that I have never really taught in-depth on what that really means and what it looks like in everyday life. I'll give you more details on the particulars in a couple of weeks but, for now, I just want you to know what's coming up in the future on Sundays.

Finally, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday tomorrow whether you're staying in town or going away to visit friends. As your pastor, I suggest that you take some time during your festivities to express your thanks to God for the flawed and imperfect people who took the risk to found this flawed and imperfect nation. Whether we like the current political structure or not, the fact is we are all truly blessed to live in a place where we have so much freedom and prosperity.



Rick McGinniss