08-18-19 @North Heartland: "Overflow"

Good afternoon NHCCers,

Since I started out last week's note with golf tourney info, I'll do the same this week and report that not only was last Friday a great day for golf, it was also a great day for raising financial support for our Impact Partners Restoration House of Greater KC and Hillcrest Platte County. We raised almost $15K, which will be divided between the two organizations and put to great use. So a big thanks to all the players and volunteers that made it happen.

This Sunday we conclude our series First Love. The message is called Overflow - the amazing impact that our love for God can have on everyone and everything else. While the first four messages in the series looked upwards, so to speak, this one will look outward towards others.

In addition, as I mentioned the end of last week's service, we'll have an important announcement to make at the end of the service that you will definitely want to hear and be a part of.

Finally, more than a few of you have asked about the change in the reporting of our financials which was introduced a few weeks ago. I'll explain the specifics for those who are interested but, bottom line, the financial numbers shown in recent months were not representative of our financial reality. The new numbers are.

As to why those older numbers were not "real" ... when we put together the budget for 2019 (in the end of 2018) we thought we would be hiring two additional staff members early in the year. When that did not happen God led us in we decided to go in another direction which meant that our projected expenses were actually much lower than expected.

Turns out that was a good thing because the contributions in the first half of the year were also lower than expected - mostly because the floods and other economic conditions negatively impacted several donors who are significant contributors.

That meant that "old numbers" were showing us falling significantly short of a giving goal - which was true - but that shortfall (81K at the end of June) was not reflective of reality because our spending plan had also been reduced. In fact, the net of income vs. expenses was actually ahead of our projection at this point in the year!

If you've worked with budgets you know that this kind of thing almost always happens. Your income and expenses never track 100% of what you had planned and, therefore, your "numbers" are off a bit and you don't make a big deal of it.

However, in this case, because the numbers were so far off as to be useless both for external purposes (like this weekly publication and the Sunday program) and for internal purposes of running the business side of things, we felt it best to draw a line in the sand on June 30th and try to accurately project the second half of the year, which is what you see below.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions please let me know.

See you Sunday,


P.S. For you accounting types, know that our "official" books still reflect the first half of the year as planned.

**** Stats from last Sunday ****

09:30    459
11:00    328
Total    787
LiveStream IPs    50
Ministry & Operations Fund
Weekly Offering    $14,744
Weekly Goal    $22,692
Total from July 1    $128,971
Goal from July 1    $136,154
Over/(Under)    -$7,183

Rick McGinniss