08-04-19 @North Heartland: "Show Me" ... plus ...

Good morning everyone,

August is here, summer is winding down and school is about to start which means a couple of important things at NHCC ...

The end of our first-ever summer Student Ministry intern program. Kudos to our Associate Pastor of Students, Clay Gorrel for envisioning it and putting it together. It was great to have Caitlin Barnett and Joey Ostermann helping out with week-to-week programming and camps and mission trips but it was also great to make a contribution to their lives through the experience of being around Clay and, in fact, our entire staff.

The beginning of a new season of Adventureland programming as our wonderful leaders and volunteers return from their well-earned summer sabbatical. As much as we appreciate those who fill in for them, as the song says, "there's nothing like the real thing." So, welcome back!

This Sunday we'll continue in the series First Love with the message Show Me. Two weeks ago we looked at why "demanding" that we love Him first and most is actually the most loving thing God could require of us. Last week we looked at the apparent discrepancy between the "bad" God of the Old Testament and the "good" God of the New and saw that there really isn't a discrepancy and that God truly IS love.

This week we'll talk about how you actually go about showing love to a supernatural Being who you can't physically see, hear or touch. I'm looking forward to this message because I believe it will be useful and practical.

See you Sunday!


P.S. Thanks to all who gave and volunteered, the Teacher Supply Giveaway was fabulous. You'll see and hear more details next week!

Rick McGinniss