08-11-19 @North Heartland: "Engaged"

Good morning NHCCers,

Gotta say that today is one of my favorite days of the year ... because today is the day of the annual NHCC Swing Into Action Golf Tourney!

As most of you know, your pastor is slightly into golf so I love the fact that we are able to sponsor this tournament because it allows us to have fun as well as raise support for two of our community impact partners - Hillcrest Platte County and Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. If you're not familiar with what these amazing organizations do, click on the links to check them out.

This Sunday we'll be continuing in our series First Love. I'll be talking about how to develop a relationship with God because - as is true of any relationship - it doesn't just happen. We have to regularly and intentionally be engaged with God, which is the title of the message. I'm certain this Sunday will be of help and encouragement to many.

Until then ... FORE!


**** Stats from last Sunday ****

09:30    396
11:00    303
Total    699
LiveStream IPs    37
Ministry & Operations Fund
Weekly Offering    $30,620
Weekly Goal    $22,692
Total from July 1    $114,227
Goal from July 1    $113,462
Over/(Under)    $766

Note that our financial status is now tracking from July 1st. We recently adjusted our budget to more accurately reflect what we expect to spend for the second half of the year.

Rick McGinniss