The Bible is clear that whenever God blesses, He intends for us to enjoy the blessing, but He also wants us to use it to bless others. We are blessed to be a blessing! Our vision is to put that biblical principle into action and do for others what God has done for us. Therefore, we desire to change lives by focusing on three areas of emphasis:


Reach Seekers

Because our vision is to be a lighthouse in our local community where friends who are not followers of Jesus hear the Gospel and become His followers, we strive to create high-impact weekend services that help people discover the grace and truth of Jesus.

Build a Family

Because our vision is to be a radically generous family that loves and cares for each other so well that our friends are drawn to be part of it, we strive to create an “experience of belonging” for members of our family.

Impact Our Community

Because our vision is to demonstrate faith through acts of love and service for the benefit of others, we strive to invest in our local community by partnering with organizations who do good in ways we cannot. For more info on our Impact Partners, click here.




About the Bible
We are committed to the Bible as our guide for living and to the necessity of salvation through faith in the resurrected Jesus of Nazareth. However, we realize that not everyone has arrived at this understanding. That is why we are a safe place for those who would like to examine the claims of Christianity. We invite all truth seekers to attend our services and learn more.

About God
God exists in three co-equal and distinct persons: The Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. We also believe that God is perfect and that God loves people.

About Jesus
He is the Lord (the leader of the universe). He died on a Roman cross, but he physically resurrected and is now in Heaven. His death makes possible forgiveness for the sins of the world. He will return to earth at a future time. 

About People
Every person is created in the image of God and is valuable. But every person has sinned (broken God’s laws for living) and is under judgment. To escape this judgment, a person must be born from above as explained below.

About Salvation

  • We are not saved by merely “believing in God.” In the United States, nearly 90% of the population “believes in God.” But “God” can mean many things to many people.
  • We are not saved if our good deeds (acts of kindness, charity, moral lifestyle) outnumber our bad deeds.
  • We are not saved just because we were brought up in a religious family.
  • We are not saved by participating in religious activities, like going to church or prayer, or because we were baptized or went through some other religious ceremony.
  • We ARE saved by faith alone in what Jesus did on the cross. 

About how to be saved (or born from above)

  • Pray and admit to Jesus that you are a sinner, that you believe He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead.
  • Ask Him to forgive you and to come into your life and be your leader.

About living the life God wants

  • Christ lives inside of you through the Holy Spirit.
  • The Spirit will, over time, transform your character to be more like Jesus.
  • You will still sin, but your salvation is secure. 

About Baptism
Baptism is a response to the command of Christ. It is the first step a person should take after being born from above (beginning a new life in Christ). For more information on Baptism at NHCC, click here.

About Communion
We believe in open communion and encourage everyone, as the Holy Spirit leads him or her, to participate. Communion is offered at various times throughout the year on Sunday mornings and at special services. 

About the Church

  • It is a cause – existing for the purpose of reaching and teaching people about Christ.
  • It is a community – a family where we know and are known, we love and are loved, we serve and are served, and we celebrate and are celebrated.
  • It is a corporation – an organization that works to accomplish the cause and to build community.